Mouth tips for hookah SmokyTwo Cool

The culture of hookah smoking is changing and developing over time and so do its accessories and devices. That is why we are happy to present the best of its kind mouth tips for the hookah SmokyTwo. Disposable mouth tips for the hookah SmokyTwo are made only of medical plastic of high quality.

  • Bright colors
  • Does not break easily
  • No foreign odor or taste
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft-touch technology

Bright and Vibrant Colors

Today there are 6 popular colors which are mass-produced (black, red, yellow, green, blue and pink), but we can also make mouth tips of some exclusive colors (please contact us for further information).

Packaging and Branding

Disposable mouth tips for the hookah SmokyTwo Cool are packaged in individual envelopes of mat polyethylene, 100 pieces per bag with the logo.

This type of packaging can be used both for personal use and for hookah bars.

For major customers, we are ready to create branded packaging with the trademark of the customer. Application of logos is possible both to individual envelopes, and to packs of 100 pieces, as well as to master-packs of 20 000 pieces.


Box dimensions: 80 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm
Box Weight: 17 kg

Prices for standard packaging (5 colors)

x 135 € = 135

In our 1 box there are 90 packs of 100 pieces

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